Strawberry Milkshake – such a beautiful pleasure….

I have been craving for strawberry milkshake since I got pregnant.  However, it seems that not all McDonalds sells them anymore…

I used to walk all the way to Carl’s Jnr in Pavilion just to satisfy my cravings… Luckily their strawberry milkshake is good… Or shall I say, gooooooooooooood….  🙂

Since it is the fasting month and I am getting heavier by the day, walking to Pavilion just to get a cup of strawberry milkshake is no longer an option for me.  Hence, I’ve been searching high and low for a cup of a delicious strawberry milkshake.

After googling for places that sells them, I actually found the recipe to make them instead!

Made them for iftar today and now both mummy and baby are satisfied…

Here’s the recipe:



Fresh Strawberries & Strawberry Syrup (optional)


Vanilla ice-cream


Fresh Milk

Mix them all together in the blender


And enjoy….!


This is what I call beautiful pleasure….



Confession of a Meat Lover

I have to confess… I LOVE MEAT…!  Especially when I am pregnant.

During my last pregnancy, I had to have meat every other day.  Be it steak, lamb chops, juicy steak burger, beef pepperoni pizza or even the local Ramly burger would do.  It would be doubly great if the meat comes with cheese… lots and lots of cheese…

Yummy kan!

It is the same this time around.  I would rather have beef/lamb everyday over the usual rice.

Watching shows like Man vs. Food on TLC channel doesn’t help with my meat craving frenzy… Watching that Adam Richman guy packing on all those juicy HUGE burgers really makes me loose my marbles!  Lagi meleleh air liur ada laa kan…



Today, while waiting for waktu berbuka puasa, I was watching TLC and got to watch the latest show by the “Cake Boss” guy called “Kitchen Boss“.  The recipe for the day was Sausages and Peppers Sandwich.  Ooooooooooh… it looks sooooooo delicious I tell youuuuuuu….



You can get the recipe here.

That does it… Am gonna go get a pack of sausages from our favourite meat shop, Las Vacas, tomorrow and make me some of those sausages!

It’s ok to have some meat but just make sure you balance it out with some lemon or lime juice after the meal to cleanse those arteries ya!

For those that want to take it one step further, you can top it up with a glass of Lactolite an hour after berbuka puasa to make sure to flush out those unwanted fats in your system and cleanse your colon.  That’s what Mr. Judge does on a daily basis (besides wearing the Premium Beautiful Waist Nipper 8 hours a day).

Nurich Lacto-Lite

Premium Beautiful Waist Nipper


Yes I am piling up on meat now and using the pregnancy excuse to do so.  However, I am lucky that I have my Premium Beautiful corset waiting for me once I give birth to help me shed all the baby fats and give me my pre-baby figure back!

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