Make the Right Choice!

I am not going to talk about which party that you should choose in the upcoming General Election (GE13).

Instead, I wish to share about why I chose to join the Network Marketing business by Hai-O.

Borrowing the words of the MLM Guru, the great Winston Wong, “We are now in the 21st Century and the MLM Industry has changed and evolved by leaps and bounds – have you changed your perception of the industry yet? Or are you still looking at the industry in the 1980s?” (quote from his book, The Misunderstood Industry : Network Marketing – The New Profession)

Why I chose Hai-O?

hai-o logo_beautiful pleasure

Hai-O Marketing has been in the industry for over 20 years now.  It is a public listed company that is subject to all the rules and regulations imposed by Bursa Malaysia.  The company is well established and is making steady growth throughout the years.

hai-o_beautiful pleasures

  Hai-O’s nine-month financial year (ending April 2013 net profit had rebounded commendably by 31% year-on-year to RM32.2mil and we attribute this to the strong recovery from its MLM division, underpinned by the healthy membership growth and higher volume sales recorded in its bigger ticket items such as foundation garments, water filter and food purifier.

Read the full article here.

It is proven that the company is very stable and strong.  It has won many awards i.e. Forbes Asia “Best Under A Billion” list (for 4 consecutive years), from Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri Koperasi & Kepenggunaan (KPDNKK) “Perniagaan Beretika” (also for 4 consecutive years) and many more.  Hence, there is no single doubt that Hai-O is the best choice for me to start my journey in this industry.

Furthermore, with the proven system and transparent marketing plan, I am able to understand the whole mechanics of the business easily.  It is also an added benefit for me when I am out sponsoring as everything has been spelled out clearly.

Why I Chose the Top Leaders Circle (TLC)?

TLC_beautiful pleasure

In order to succeed in this business, apart from having a strong and reputable company and system, you need to have a strong mentor and great culture.  I believe that TLC is a superb group to be in because it has all the essential ingredients to groom me to become a great Omnipreneur.

The leaders are very inspiring and humble, yet are able to push you to achieve your dreams with motivational words and encouragement.  They are willing to go out of their way to assist you with everything that you need to succeed, up to the extend of lending an extra hand during sponsoring session and power closing!  Can you tell me if your CEOs or bosses do the same for you at your workplace?


They are not out to push you to make money for them.  This is NOT the way we roll.  TLC is a group of aspiring omnipreneurs, from diverse backgrounds, that come together and thrive in this business to pursue out dreams and goals.  We live and breathe by our values of humility, progressiveness and professionalism.

We work hard together and have fun together.  There will always be roars of laughter every time the group meets.  What more when we travel together… Don’t believe me, check out TLC in London video below…

TLC is THE group for me.

I am proud to be one of TLC!

TLC is going GLOBAL…

Next stop is Shanghai…So come join us!

012 285 5882


Promotion for April

I am trying to promote healthy living and healthy eating lifestyle this month.  Hence, I’m giving out special discounts on every purchase of

Biozone Food Purifier

Biozone_food purifier

Bio Velocity Sleep Mate

BVSM_beautiful pleasure25

Premium Beautiful Corset

premium-beautiful 1

BB Plus Collagen

BBPlus Collagen_info

Trust me, you would not want to miss out on this deal…


Also, this is the final month promotion on the FOC Shanghai trip.

FOC shanghai_beautiful pleasureFreeTripToShanghai_beautiful pleasure

If you love traveling, why not grab this superb promotion where you will get to travel to the New York of Asia for FREE!  It is not just a normal FREE trip.  It is a 5-star trip where you would not have to worry about forking out any money for food and hotel.  You just need to bring your shopping money and enjoy!


Email/call/whatsapp me for details

012 284 5882

Green Leaders Academy Malaysia

It started with a DREAM.  That DREAM Turned into REALITY!! 


Alhamdullilah berkat usaha berterusan dan consistent tuntut ilmu daripada leaders hasilnya terciptalah GLG Team hari ini.

After 2 years CDM Hanis Haizi berkecimpung dalam business Premium Beautiful, maka tertubuhlah Green Leaders Group, ketika itu pencapaian Green Leader Group pertama kali dalam sejarah bawa 2 busses of business partners to Hong Kong pada June 2011.

Click this entry :

Dalam banyak-banyak CDM di Malaysia, our team is the YOUNGEST TEAM but yet the FASTEST TEAM untuk bawa satu BUS of business partners pergi melancong.

Tak cukup pencapaian itu, seterusnya semasa pergi ke Holland we were the ONLY team yang bawa satu BUS of business partners!!  Congrats to ALL Green Leaders Group members!!

Seterusnya pergi ke Vietnam hampir Satu Flight!!  Lebih kurang 3 bus!  Seronok tak terkata.  Dan baru-baru ni pergi ke Guangzhou, kami bawak lebih dari 1 flight business partners from GLG. Dan the total number of buses were 5!!

the bigger the BETTER!
tapau 2 flight!!

Green Leaders Group is led by young generation, hence all ideas are fresh and unique! We like to step forward and move fast!

We are the NO 1 ONLINE PIONEER in this business, because back in 2009 masa tu Premium Beautiful tidak dikenali lagi.  And starting from CDM Hanis Haizi, the founder of Premium Beautiful Top Agent and Green Leaders Group, maka terciptalah Revolusi Premium Beautiful Online!

Dan yang dapat tempias ialah rakan-rakan kongsi!! 🙂 To all CDM Hanis Haizi’s GLG Team we have special topics on social media marketing, how important is internet in our lives. Kalau kita tak step forward kita akan ketinggalan.  Everybody will have the opportunity to learn the “workable method”.

The best part of it all is that if you GOOGLE Premium Beautiful, boleh kata 98% adalah from Green Leaders Group!!

Common keyword! CDM Hanis Haizi’s name also dah jadi Keyword for Premium Beautiful… kata legend kan? 😛

Now Green Leaders has their own Academy, specially for team members, hands on training on Motivational talk, Technical part on Premium Beautiful corset, Setting Efficient, and Goal Setting.  Social media marketing is also part of the knowledge that we share, especially topics on blogging and Facebook.  Most of our team members banyak comes from IT background, maka mereka juga contribute kepada semua ilmu-ilmu ini.

masa ni buat POWER UP session

Gerak Gempur mengikut Zon jugak dilakukan untuk rakan-rakan kongsi yang luar dari KL untuk serap aura leader!   Thank you to all CDMs from GLG group yang sama-sama menjayakan program GLG Gerak Gempur Seminar!

Zon Selatan
Zon Pantai Timur
Be apart of our TEAM today!!
Be in the Right Group!
Choose GLAM!!
We will guide you to Success!
012 284 5882

Confession of a Workaholic

Yes… I am a workaholic…

I have been working non-stop for the past two months.  When I said non-stop, I meant more than 12 hours a day for 7 days a week.

It is not something that I am proud of – less time spent with the family.  However, I am the type of person that takes responsibility very seriously.  Hence, when the work is expected to be completed within the given time, I will make sure that it will be ready by then.

Despite the hectic work schedule, I had managed to spread the Premium Beautiful love to others and was so happy that I was able to share the greatness of the Premium Beautiful product and business.  Alhamdulillah, 2 clients were satisfied with the their very own Premium Beautiful sets.  It just gives me pleasure to hear their rapid development from the moment they slip into their Premium Beautiful sets.

That is the beauty of this business… Not only does it give you the opportunity to earn extra income to sustain in the current high economic condition, it also gives you the pleasure of being able to help others to achieve their goal in reducing weight, gaining self-confidence and even cure sickness (InsyaAllah).  The feeling is GREAT!

Oh, we also managed to squeeze in a Premium Beautiful tuition session last month.  I am truly grateful to have 2 great business partners that were willing to sacrifice their Sunday afternoon to equip me with the knowledge on the business and product.  I would not be where I am now without DSM Nurul Asyikin and DSM Nor Irdawati… They are the ones that have been constantly motivating and encouraging me to pursue my quest in this Premium Beautiful business.

The lovely Irda & Nurul


I also had the opportunity to meet my idol in this Premium Beautiful business, CDM Salha Zain!!!  Even though the meeting was brief, the advice that she had shared was enough to motivate me to charge ahead and not look back.  Thank you so much, Salha!

20-weeks pregnant me, Beautylicious Salha & lovely Irda

So, despite the hectic schedule, with the right attitude and great support group, you can still succeed in this Premium Beautiful business.

Don’t forget, the London & Paris promotion is still ON.  So come on and join our bandwagon as we fly our way to London & Paris, in style!

Let’s talk.

zahureen @ 012 284 5882


Confession of a Busy Bee

Office work has been endless.  Things just keeps on piling on my plate and there is not much for me to do except to make sure it is completed within the given dateline. *sigh*

However, I am not neglecting this Premium Beautiful business of mine because it is just too beautiful to let go.

Doing this business part-time is easy.  Many of the successful members of the Green Leader Group are doing it part-time.  With the right group, and the great support from the Leaders (accompanied by the right mental attitude), InsyaAllah success will entail.


CDM Hanis Haizi & CDM Salha Zain, the 2 great leaders from GLG (picture courtesy of


You don’t really need to do hard selling for Premium Beautiful because the product is well known for its quality and its effectiveness has been proven with the various testimonials.  Just google it and you can find many people talking about the greatness of the product.  That is also why Premium Beautiful is now being sold globally!  We now have business partners in Australia, Dubai and even the UK.

So what you need to do is just to establish your network – blog, facebook, twitter, and other various social media channels that you have and start leveraging on it.  It is as simple as that.  Of course you have to put in your 100% effort in it.

And don’t think that your effort will go unnoticed.

Every achievement that you make will be rewarded, starting with the 1st month bonus of RM4,500.

There is also the SM/SSM award night where the Company will recognise the achievement of the newly promoted Sales Manager and Senior Sales Manager.

Picture courtesy of

Then, there is also the “Anugerah Jam Tangan” for those that achieve RM100,000 sales in a month.  This award is also known as the jam tangan berhantu because many that had received the watch goes on achieving many more great milestones in the business.  No wonder everyone is fighting hard for it.

Picture courtesy of


Oh, also not forgetting the 3 annual FOC trips for those that achieves the business targets set by the company in a year.  Those trips are not like any other trips, where the company treat all its distributors to a five star vacation to great destinations around the globe!

Pictures courtesy of


So that is why even though I am swamped with work, I still am pursuing this Premium Beautiful business.  If you want to share the greatness of the business, please feel free to contact me.  I am always available to let you in the beautiful business secret.

zahureen @ 012 284 5882


Have Money, Will Travel

While I was away, the Green Leaders Group (which is the group that I belong to) has been busy traveling the globe.

They went to Vietnam in March

Travel to Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City 2012 video by CDM Raz

The Story of A3 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (2012) video by CDM Al-faath

They also went for a Europe Tour (Holland and Belgium) in April

Holland & Belgium video by CDM Raz

Holland & Belgium March 2012 video by CDM Al-faath

And they will be traveling to Guangzhou in July!

Fyi, the trips are all FOC, courtesy of the company.  They only need to bring their own shopping money to be spent during the trip.  Syok kan?

The next trip to Europe will be to LONDON and PARIS!!!!

Wanna join us on that trip?

Call me, and we’ll talk business…