How to wash your Premium Beautiful?

Caring for your Premium Beautiful is easy peasy lemon sqeezy 🙂

No, you don’t need more than one set of Premium Beautiful to be able to wear it everyday.  You only need one.


Washing Guide:

Wash your Long Girdle and Long Bra every day or every other day. You can wash your Waist Nipper once a week as the Waist Nipper does not touch the skin.


Washing Instructions:

  1. Take a pail and fill half of it with water
  2. Add a liquid detergent that is gentle on fabric (delicate fabric wash like PB Natural Wash or even your shower foam) into the water
  3. Soak your Premium Beautiful for at least 10 minutes
  4. Gently scrub your Premium Beautiful with your hands. No rigorous scrubbing and no brushing!
  5. Rinse your Premium Beautiful
  6. Hang dry in door. Do not expose your Premium Beautiful under direct sun, or put it in the dryer or iron dry. (Tip: Pat dry your Premium Beautiful with a towel to get rid of excess water and hang dry it under the fan)



Q1: Do I have to wash my Premium Beautiful every single day?

A1: No. You can wash it on alternate days – for the Long Girdle and Long Bra and once a week – for the Waist Nipper.  It all depends on your preference.


Q2: Can I use any liquid detergents to wash my Premium Beautiful?

A2: Yes you can.  However, it is advisable to you the detergent that is safe for delicate clothing.  PB Natural Wash is the perfect detergent to use to wash you Premium Beautiful.


Q3: Can my Premium Beautiful dry overnight?

A3: Yes.  The material used for Premium Beautiful is so great that it dries up easily.  To speed up the process, pat dry your freshly washed Premium Beautiful with a towel and hang dry it under a fan.  You can hang it in your bedroom and it will be dry by the time you need to put it on the next morning.


Q4: Why does the water turn dark when I soak my Premium Beautiful?  Does the color run?

A4: Do not worry if this happens.  Premium Beautiful’s color does not run.  Premium Beautiful actual helps your body to detoxify and get rid of toxins.  The dark color is actually the result of the detoxification effect that your Premium Beautiful has on your body.  The darker the water means the more toxin you have in your body.  Result varies on individuals.  Watch the below video and you’ll get what I mean…


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