Marine Essence Nourishing Body Wash


The first-ever body wash that blends innovative technology with natural and botanical ingredients, Bamboo Salt and Pheno-SFE, to cleanse, nourish and moisturise your skin in one wash!

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Exclusive Blend of Beneficial Ingredients For Soft, Smooth and Radiant Skin:

Bamboo Salt

– Rich source of essential trace minerals to nourish and protect skin.

Pheno-SFE (PuErh Tea Leaf Extract)

– Powerful antioxidants to remove harmful free radicals on the skin (anti-aging).

– Helps to repair and renew skin cells.

Aloe Vera

– To soothe, moisturise and heal skin ailments.

Liquorice Extract

– Helps to lighten skin tone and correct uneven pigmentation.

Jojoba Seed Oil

– Natural skin moisturiser.

Mulberry Leaf Extract

– Lightens skin tone and pigmentation.


8 Goodness of Marine Essence Nourishing Body Wash

  1. Unique blend of natural and botanical ingredients – proactively keeps your skin cleansed, nourished and moisturised.  As a result, your skin feels soft and smooth.
  2. Soap free – non-drying formulation.  Gentle for everyday use.
  3. Paraben Free – does not irritate skin.
  4. SLES Free – does not irritate skin.
  5. Nourishing Minerals – Rich source of essential minerals to nourish and protect skin.
  6. Anti Bacterial – kills germs and bacteria.  Helps to reduce skin itchiness.
  7. Powerful anti-oxidants – helps to remove harmful free radicals that cause damages to skin cells.
  8. Refreshing aromatherapy scent – for invigorating body wash experience.


This product is the sister of the best-seller Marine Essence Beauty Bar.  It has the same function as its sister.  The only difference is that it is in a liquid form.  Great for those who hates to use bar soaps like me.

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