Have Money, Will Travel

While I was away, the Green Leaders Group (which is the group that I belong to) has been busy traveling the globe.

They went to Vietnam in March

Travel to Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City 2012 video by CDM Raz

The Story of A3 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (2012) video by CDM Al-faath

They also went for a Europe Tour (Holland and Belgium) in April

Holland & Belgium video by CDM Raz

Holland & Belgium March 2012 video by CDM Al-faath

And they will be traveling to Guangzhou in July!

Fyi, the trips are all FOC, courtesy of the company.  They only need to bring their own shopping money to be spent during the trip.  Syok kan?

The next trip to Europe will be to LONDON and PARIS!!!!

Wanna join us on that trip?

Call me, and we’ll talk business…


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