My Premium Beautiful Experience

Today is 21 February 2012.  That means I have been wearing my Premium Beautiful for 45 straight days now!


Why do I want to wear Premium Beautiful?

I have always been skinny before I got pregnant with my son, Noah (I love to call it my b.n. period (before Noah)).  My weight never went beyond 50 kg and I am 169 cm tall, which means I was underweight back then.

After giving birth, I bought a pair of Brand X lingerie and it had helped me to shed some fat and gave me my curves back.  But that was just temporary.  I gave up wearing the lingerie after just a month.

This is me, 7 days a.n (After Noah) with my sis and SIL (date: 1 Jan 2010)


My weight had gone up again few months after Noah was born (let’s call it the a.n. period) as I was concentrating on giving Noah all the nutrients he can get from my breastmilk, i.e. I eat and eat and eat without thinking about my escalating weight.

After 2 years, my weight was back to 62 kg, the same weight when I was 4 months pregnant with Noah.  I can no longer fit into any of my working pants, my baju kebaya and even the kain baju kurung was tight.

This is us in July 2011. I was more than 62 kg when this picture was taken.


I was not complaining that I was fat because I hate being fat.  I was complaining for the fact that I can no longer wear all my working clothes and that every time I force myself into one of them, either the zipper will not close or blouse sleeves will rip.. I kid you not!


Life after Premium Beautiful

The moment my ex-housemate Irda introduces me to Premium Beautiful was a life changing one.  As soon as I slipped into my very own pair of Premium Beautiful, my body felt the changes.  My thigh and my waist were slimmer and my butt and breast were bigger/fuller *grins*.  Mr Judge (my hubby) liked what he saw *winks* (Premium Beautiful is also known as “Adik pakai, Abang rasa” product).

No doubt it was hard at first.  The fitting process was tough and the caring for the lingerie seems tedious.  However, it became easier as it became part of my daily routine.

I managed to button up my kebaya after just few days of wearing Premium Beautiful.  The buttons no longer pops when I sit… hehehe…

The sleeves of my shirts no longer look like they were gonna rip when ever I move.  Even my maid noticed this and said, “Kakak sudah kurus ya… Lengan itu sudah tak besar lagi…”

My colleague noticed the changes too… And it just made me feel good to hear compliments from people around me.  Bukannya nak bangga, but siapa yang tak suka dipuji rite?

Now, I never want to leave the house without my Premium Beautiful, my second skin.  I feel incomplete without my Premium Beautiful.

After 40 days, I am already on the 3rd hook of the Waist Nipper… Fast progress eh?

Note to self:  Will have to snap a photo of myself soon (this is what happens when you always take a picture of your son and never of you…).


Want to experience the Premium Beautiful delight?  Email me at or call/text/whatsapp me at 012 284 5882


5 thoughts on “My Premium Beautiful Experience

  1. true jaja…I too, dont have a picture of myself…good to hear your positive feedback..Alhamdulillah..Next maybe Hakim’s story?

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